Fun Facts & Mythbusters

Fun Facts & Mythbusters

Myth: Shelter is busiest in COLD weather!

Fact: While inclement weather can play a factor in shelter use, The INN’s busiest months have been April, August and December. slowest times are related to social assistance payments at the end of each month.

Myth: Shelter serves BUS LOADS of individuals from other municipalities who are dropped off!

Fact: During the entire 20-21 season approximately 40 out of 256 individuals have come from outside of Elgin. Many of these individuals have returned to our area or have family connections here. The INN has never experienced an influx of “out of towners”.

Myth: People LIVE at The INN!

Fact: While some guests struggle with long term homelessness, only 8% have required shelter for more than 90 days. Most individuals move on, return to housing, friends, or family within 2 weeks and with little intervention.

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